Cannabidiol or CBD is a compound derived from the Cannabis plant. This chemical compound is popular for its health benefits. Besides humans, animals can also benefit from using CBD. Several companies have started manufacturing CBD products suited specifically for pets.

One of those companies is Prana Pets. This company is known for developing herbal and homeopathic treatments for pets. The products that this company manufactures are meant for the treatment of pets suffering from different diseases such as cancer, Crushing’s disease, kidney and liver problems as well as issues with the joints, muscles, parasites, UTI and respiratory issues like asthma.

Prana Pets recently released a CBD oil product for pets. This product is manufactured to help pets when they become sick. This Prana Pets product is also intended to provide an option for owners who may be looking for an alternative medicine to treat their sick pets. It is common knowledge that many conventional drugs are packed with chemicals that have terrible side effects on pets. If you are looking for a natural alternative then Prana Pets CBD oil is what you need. According to a Prana Pets survey, about nine out of 10 pet owners say their pets have improved dramatically since they began using this company’s CBD oil. Many of the pets that were involved in the survey suffered from severe seizures caused epilepsy.

“Prana Pets CBD oil has helped our dog with epilepsy so much! He went 12 weeks seizure free which is about four times longer than he’s ever gone without a seizure, we are so happy we found this oil,” said Katie K, a pet owner writing about the experience of using CBD for pets. “We are very impressed with the positive results our customers have been seeing with the CBD Oil for Pets,” the co-founder and co-owner of Prana Pets, Brad Solomon said. “Many of our customers use the products to help reduce seizures, treat anxiety or digestive issues, while other customers are also using CBD for Pets for dogs and cats suffering from joint and muscle pain. Although we offer 100 percent money back guarantee, almost all of our customers are happy with the product. Some of our customers are even using the CBD themselves.”

Prana Pets CBD oil for pets are put together by a licensed pharmacist for use by pets. The product is not toxic and non-addictive. It would also interest you to know that this product does not have any psychoactive effect and will not get your pet high. All Prana Pets CBD oils do not contain Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, the chemical compound responsible for the feeling of being high. Studies have shown that although most humans can tolerate THC, this compound can be dangerous for animals. THC can increase make the heart of pets pump fast, and this can lead to heart attacks and other severe conditions. Prana Pet CBD Oils does not interact negatively with other supplements, and it is safe for elderly or aging pets.