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Pure CBD Oil for Pets by On Duty CBD Review


Pure CBD Oil for Pets is a product by On Duty CBD. This CBD oil is one of the best on the market. You do not want to endanger your pets with low-quality CBD products. The health of your pets is important, and this is the reason reasons why you need Pure CBD Oil for Pets by On Duty CBD.

Pure CBD Oil for Pets is produced with high-quality ingredients sourced from the United States. This CBD company uses hemp plants grown by veterans based in Kentucky. On Duty CBD products are created in its Lexington laboratory under strict conditions. All the products by this company are tested by a third party lab, and the results are posted online.

On Duty CBD makes premium CBD products. Although CBD has gotten more popular, many of the products on the market are low quality. A majority of the CBD companies on the market outsource the manufacturing of their products to mass production companies.

On Duty CBD is one of those brands that you can trust. Their Pure CBD Oil for Pets is sold in 30ml bottles. You can get this product from the On Duty CBD online shop for $34.95. On Duty offers free shipping.

The use of CBD oil for pets is growing in popularity. CBD can be used to bring relief to pets suffering from different conditions such as anxiety, pain, seizures caused by epilepsy to name a few.

Many people who are not very knowledgeable about CBD, think it will get their pets high, so they refrain from giving it a try. However, this is not true. As a matter of fact, Pure CBD Oil for Pets by On Duty CBD less than 0.3 percent of THC. According to the 2018 Farm Bill, all hemp-derived products made in the U.S. should not contain more 0.3 percent of THC. Studies show that THC is harmful to pets and can even lead to death.

Pure CBD Oil for Pets is made especially for pets and should not be used by humans. Pet owners should not give their pets CBD oil made for people.CBD products made for humans are too concentrated for the biology of pets. It is equally crucial that you consult with a vet before giving their pets CBD oil.

Some Cannabinoids Can Harm Pets


The wave of cannabis legalization is spreading across the world at a rapid pace. Many countries are moving to decriminalize the use of this plant for medicinal purposes. However, there are some dangers to this. One of them is the growing use of cannabis products to treat pets. Very few countries have made the use of cannabis products for pets legal. But this has not stopped some pet owners from trying. Many are inspired by stories on the Internet from other pet owners who claim to have found success in using cannabis to treat their pets.

The cannabis plant is packed with hundreds of cannabinoids. And researchers are still learning about these them and what they do. But Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the most researched of all cannabinoids in this plant. CBD has been found to be non-toxic and also non-psychoactive. This chemical compound has also been found to have a host of medicinal benefits for humans. Several studies have proven that CBD can treat illnesses such as arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, insomnia, chronic pain, and epilepsy. Last year, US authorities approved a CBD-based drug for the treatment of seizure caused by epilepsy.

These developments have inspired many pet owners to try CBD products on the pets. Although authorities have not made its use on pets legal. Despite the many success stories, there are many dangers associated with owners administering CBD to pets without medical supervision.

One of the dangers is that most CBD products on the market are made specifically for humans, not pets. The other risk is that there are limited studies on how CBD affects animals. Until now, the studies have focused on its effects on human health.

Another cause of worry is that most owners are not educated on the different types of cannabinoids. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is another chemical compound in the cannabis plant. THC and CBD are similar but are also very different. One of the significant difference between both is that while THC is psychoactive, CBD is not. THC is one of the most abundant cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, so many CBD products contain some amounts of THC.

Researchers have found that while THC makes people feeling high, it has a different effect on pets. THC can be extremely dangerous for pets. This compound reportedly affects the heart rate of pets. This can be severe and even lead to heart attacks and death in pets. A recent study found that when dogs ingest THC, it can cause disorientation, urinary incontinence, temporary coma, and even seizures. These are some of the reasons why authorities are yet to make the use of CBD for animals legal.

Not many CBD products are free from THC. Most contain THC but in minimal amounts and this can pose a threat to the lives and well-being of pets. It is imperative for pet owners to know that THC is dangerous for pets.

Methods of Introducing Your Pet to CBD Oil


Cannabidiol or CBD is derived from the cannabis plant. This chemical compound is known for its therapeutic effects. CBD is also beneficial for pets. It can reduce pain, relieve anxiety, improve appetite among others. Although CBD can be helpful for pets, it can be difficult to give it to your furry friends.

Many pets, especially dogs and cats do not like the taste and texture of CBD. But there is good news; many companies have started creating CBD products especially for pets. These products are made to appeal to the preferences of dogs and cats. Green Garden Gold is one of those companies creating CBD products specifically for pets. Their products include oils, capsules, and other treats that will appeal to cats and dogs of all ages and sizes.

In this article, we will focus on different ways you can give your pets CBD. These tips will come in handy for owners who have pets that refuse to take CBD.

Straight into the Mouth

Putting CBD oil straight into the mouth of your cat or dog is one of the most effective ways of making sure they take it. If you are going to go with this method, it is best to apply it directly under the tongue. Putting it directly under the tongue will ensure that the CBD oil is absorbed into the bloodstream of the animal. This method gets CBD oil enters into the bloodstream within minutes, and this means that the effects will kick in quickly. Putting CBD oil directly into the mouth is best for large pets that need large doses of CBD.

Adding CBD to Their Treats

You could also include CBD oil in the favorite treats of your pets. This method is best for pets that require smaller doses. You can add drops of CBD oil to treats that you know your pets cannot resist. A trick is to add the CBD oil underneath the treat to hide the smell of the oil which most pets don’t like.

Start With Small Dosages

When giving your pets CBD oil, it is better to start slowly. You want your pets to get used to CBD oil, so they do not reject it. You can add CBD oil to your pet meals gradually. It doesn’t matter what your pet’s favorite meal is, add a little CBD oil to it and they will enjoy the benefits. You can gradually increase the dosage of CBD oil so they get used it. You have to remember that the more CBD oil you add, the more the meal will taste different. Hence the importance of starting with smaller dosages.

Adding CBD oil to Water

Adding CBD oil to your pet’s water is another way to introduce this compound to your furry friend. However, it is crucial to know that this method is the least effective. This i because pets usually splash their water when they drink.

Pet Owners and CBD


Cannabidiol or CBD is a compound in the cannabis plant that is getting popular in the medical community. Researchers have found that CBD has a wide range of medical benefits. Despite its popularity, most people are still confused about precisely what CBD is and what it does. It is important to know that CBD does not have any of the psychoactive effects that have made cannabis famous. CBD is non-psychoactive. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the chemical compound in cannabis that has a psychoactive effect.

Researchers have found that CBD not only has medical uses for humans, but pets can also benefit from this compound. In the United Kingdom (UK) many pet owners have started using CBD to treat their pets although the government has not entirely legalized its use.

In the United States, the use of CBD by pet owners is also becoming popular. There are a lot of pet cannabis-infused products on the market. A lot of companies have started selling CBD-infused foods, oils, medicines, rubs, shampoos, and medicines for pets. It is also important to know that just like in the UK, the government of the US has not legalized the sale of CBD-infused products for pets.

In the UK, there is a wide range of CBD products on sale for humans. Pet owners have reportedly been buying these products and administering it to their pets. These products are typically administered to sick pets with the approval or advice or vets.

Despite the lack of government approval, pet owners across the world swear that CBD works like magic. A Canadian vet, who has experimented with treating pets with CBD, says this chemical compound works well on pets.

Dr. Katherine Kramer, who works with the Vancouver Animal Wellness Hospital, says CBD works like a miracle on pets. She had successfully cured a six-year-old cat with CBD some years ago.

“Some of my cases have been nothing short of a miracle. An elderly cat, aged about 18, who has multiple issues pancreatitis, arthritis, heart disease, kidney disease and we were keeping him comatose on conventional medicines,” Dr. Kramer said. “He was miserable and facing euthanasia. However, his owner said he wanted to try CBD, I had not thought of that before and said it was worth a shot because we have nothing to lose.”

“Within a few days he was eating, and getting back to his normal self, he ended up living another two years, two good years as well,” she added. “Now, there is still a lot of confusion concerning CBD and pets and I know a lot of pet owners use them without telling their vet.”

Dr. Kramer also stressed that it is better if pet owners seek medical advice from their vets before giving their pets CBD. She cautioned that most owners have mistakenly given their pets THC products and this could be harmful to animals.

Dangers of Giving Pets Cannabis Products


Many pet owners have used or are considering giving their pets CBD. CBD is a chemical compound extracted from the cannabis plant. As governments change their stance on the cannabis plant, CBD is increasing in popularity.

The fame that CBD is garnering is not without merit. There have been numerous studies which prove that CBD has a lot of medicinal benefits for humans. However, it is not only humans that can benefit from CBD, but animals too. This is possible because of how CBD works with the body. When CBD is ingested it interacts with the endocannabinoid system which is responsible for a wide range of critical bodily functions. The endocannabinoid system is responsible for essential functions such as appetite, memory, mood, and pain-sensation among others. Studies have shown that not just humans have an endocannabinoid system, animals such as birds, cats, dogs, and horses also possess this system. As a result of this, CBD can also work for these animals as it does with the human body.

A lot of pet owners have reportedly been giving CBD to their pets even though most governments have not approved its use for pets. Many pet owners are in search of alternative medications to treat their pets because most over-the-counter medicines have dangerous side effects. Some of these effects are kidney failures and other serious side effects. Despite this, health officials have expressed worry that most pet owners do not consult their vets before giving their pets CBD.

One of the main concern is that many CBD products are not high-quality. Another cause of worry is that most pet owners are not knowledgeable about the right product and the proper dosage.

Stephen Cital, the executive director of the Academy of Laboratory Veterinary Technicians and Nurses, has cautioned that many cannabis-based products on the market are not suitable for pets. The number of emergency calls about pets getting intoxicated has increased drastically in recent years. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said there had been a 765 percent increase in the number of emergency call concerning pets getting high.

Vets say THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol, the chemical compound that is responsible for the psychoactive effects in cannabis, can be detrimental to pets. One impact that THC has on pets is that it speeds the heart rate. If animals consume too much THC, it can ultimately cause death. It is essential for owners to be sure that the cannabis products that they purchase for their pets do not contain THC.

“Cats and dogs have different endocannabinoid system receptors than humans, so they react to it differently. So human ratios aren’t necessarily appropriate for small animals,” Cital said.

Choosing high-quality products for your pets is a must. It is also essential to talk to a vet before making a move. Your pets life depends on it.

Canada Could Change its Position on CBD and Pets


In Canada, cannabis is becoming the number one medicine of choice for most pet owners. Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the number one trending components of the Cannabis plant. This chemical compound has a lot of health benefits, and everyday new studies are carried out into what ailments it can cure. As of now, it is known that CBD can bring relief for chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, arthritis, and seizures caused by epilepsy. However, it is not only humans that can benefit from using CBD; pets too can enjoy its therapeutic benefits. CBD is sold in a variety of forms such as gummies, and tablets. However, CBD oils and tinctures are the most common.

Pet owners have started using CBD to treat their pets although the government is yet to approve the use of this compound on pets. Although many groups are lobbying for the laws to change, Canadian authorities have not authorized veterinarians to recommend or prescribe CBD oil for pets. Vets are also not permitted by law to treat pets using other CBD products. The situation is twisted because although vets cannot treat pets with CBD, owners are using it anyway. This makes it difficult for most vets who would like to offer their professional opinion, but can’t because of the current laws regarding CBD. There is concern that pet owners may not know the right way to go about administering CBD to their pets.

The position of the government on the matter is not shocking. Authorities across the world have fought and banned the use of cannabis for decades. It is only recently that the government began accepting the use of this plant as medicine for humans. Authorities have called for caution saying more research needs to be conducted on how CBD will affect pets. Although the Internet is packed many successful stories, government officials say there is a lack of clinical evidence concerning the impact CBD will have on pets.

Things are likely to change soon because there are growing calls for the government to reconsider its stand on CBD oil and pets. The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association has recently partnered with a group that advocates the use of cannabis for animals, the Canadian Association of Veterinary Cannabinoid Medicine. The partnership is meant to convince the government to change the laws to include pets in the legalization of Cannabis. Both organizations want the government to allow CBD oil to be used to treat pets suffering from a variety of illnesses. They also want authorities to support more research into how CBD can affect pet animals.

Despite the call for change, vets are quick to warn that not all Cannabis products are suitable for pets. CBD may be useful in treating some conditions. However, THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol may be harmful. THC is another compound in the cannabis plant. It has a similar chemical structure to CBD. However, these two are very different in how they affect humans and pets. THC has psychoactive effects, and CBD does not. If pets ingest products containing CBD, it can lead to death.

Prana Pets Releases CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats


Cannabidiol or CBD is a compound derived from the Cannabis plant. This chemical compound is popular for its health benefits. Besides humans, animals can also benefit from using CBD. Several companies have started manufacturing CBD products suited specifically for pets.

One of those companies is Prana Pets. This company is known for developing herbal and homeopathic treatments for pets. The products that this company manufactures are meant for the treatment of pets suffering from different diseases such as cancer, Crushing’s disease, kidney and liver problems as well as issues with the joints, muscles, parasites, UTI and respiratory issues like asthma.

Prana Pets recently released a CBD oil product for pets. This product is manufactured to help pets when they become sick. This Prana Pets product is also intended to provide an option for owners who may be looking for an alternative medicine to treat their sick pets. It is common knowledge that many conventional drugs are packed with chemicals that have terrible side effects on pets. If you are looking for a natural alternative then Prana Pets CBD oil is what you need. According to a Prana Pets survey, about nine out of 10 pet owners say their pets have improved dramatically since they began using this company’s CBD oil. Many of the pets that were involved in the survey suffered from severe seizures caused epilepsy.

“Prana Pets CBD oil has helped our dog with epilepsy so much! He went 12 weeks seizure free which is about four times longer than he’s ever gone without a seizure, we are so happy we found this oil,” said Katie K, a pet owner writing about the experience of using CBD for pets. “We are very impressed with the positive results our customers have been seeing with the CBD Oil for Pets,” the co-founder and co-owner of Prana Pets, Brad Solomon said. “Many of our customers use the products to help reduce seizures, treat anxiety or digestive issues, while other customers are also using CBD for Pets for dogs and cats suffering from joint and muscle pain. Although we offer 100 percent money back guarantee, almost all of our customers are happy with the product. Some of our customers are even using the CBD themselves.”

Prana Pets CBD oil for pets are put together by a licensed pharmacist for use by pets. The product is not toxic and non-addictive. It would also interest you to know that this product does not have any psychoactive effect and will not get your pet high. All Prana Pets CBD oils do not contain Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, the chemical compound responsible for the feeling of being high. Studies have shown that although most humans can tolerate THC, this compound can be dangerous for animals. THC can increase make the heart of pets pump fast, and this can lead to heart attacks and other severe conditions. Prana Pet CBD Oils does not interact negatively with other supplements, and it is safe for elderly or aging pets.

What You Should Know About Using Cannabis for Pets


You must have heard about the medicinal benefits of cannabis by now. The wave of medicinal marijuana legalization going on across the world has put this plant in the headlines. A large part of the research into the therapeutic benefits is centered on humans. However, there is a growing need for research into how this plant affects animals. Recently more research into cannabis is focusing on its effects on animals including cats, dogs, birds and even horses.

Cannabidiol or CBD and Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC are two of the most popular chemical components of the cannabis plant. Researchers have discovered that CBD does not have any psychoactive effects and can bring relief to a number of illnesses that affects humans and animals. THC is the chemical compound in cannabis that makes people feel high. Despite its psychoactive effects, THC also has some medicinal benefits.

There is evidence to prove that CBD has the potential to help pets suffering from chronic pain and even seizures. CBD is known for its effects in stopping seizures caused by epilepsy. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a CBD-based drug for the treatment of seizures caused by epilepsy. Epidiolex is the name of the first CBD-based drug that the FDA approved. There have been recent studies that prove that CBD can also bring relief to pets suffering from seizures triggered by epilepsy.

In 2018, a preliminary study was conducted by researchers at Colorado State University (CSU) into the effect of CBD on dogs suffering from epilepsy. According to the study, CBD was given to dogs suffering from CBD orally. And these dogs experienced fewer seizures than other dogs who were not given CBD.

Researchers from Cornell University also carried out a study into CBD and dogs in 2018. The dogs in this study suffered from osteoarthritis and were given CBD every 12 hours for four weeks. At the end of the study, researchers found that these dogs experienced less pain than the dogs which were only given a placebo. Researchers found that the pain levels in the dogs which were given CBD oil were considerably less.

According to Robert Silver, an integrative veterinarian with the National Animal Supplement Council, the research into CBD and dogs is promising. He added that the National Animal Supplement Council have begun giving its approval seal to a few CBD products for pets. He said more research is needed to prove precisely how CBD affects dogs. According to Silver, the CSU has launched a large clinical trial into how CBD affects dogs.

“All species seem to respond well [to cannabis] because our bodies whether a dog, human, pigeon, or even jellyfish, have a system called the endocannabinoid system,” Robert said.

How CBD Can Help Cats Suffering from Arthritis


Cats are faithful and loyal pets. It is normal to get worried when your cat becomes sick. One illness that is common among cats is feline arthritis. This disease is usually caused by old age. Studies show that about 60 percent of cats above the age of 6 are affected by this illness. Feline arthritis is a condition that causes chronic inflammation and terrible pain in the joints of cats. It affects the general movement of cats. This disease affects the ability of cats to walk, jump, and even run. There is no way of know if your cat has feline arthritis until they start experiencing pain caused by inflammation in the joints.

Treating feline arthritis is possible. There are surgical options available to address this painful condition. However, these surgical procedures can be expensive. Medications such as Novox, Deramaxx, and Rimadyl are also available to ease inflammation and pain. But these medications have serious side effects. Some of these side effects are liver and kidney damage. Pet owners are on the lookout for alternative options, preferably natural medicines. This is where cannabis comes into the picture.

Cannabidiol or CBD is a chemical compound extracted from the cannabis plant. This non-toxic compound has been known to perform wonders when it comes to reducing pain and inflammation. In recent years, many cat owners have been using CBD to lessen the pain in their cats suffering from arthritis.

Research has shown that CBD is one of the most effective pain killers and anti-inflammatory agents available. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound with a wide range of therapeutic effects. Studies have found that CBD is effective in reducing inflammation and pain. When ingested CBD, works with the Endocannabinoid System or ECS. Studies have found that ECS controls many of the main functions in the body. The ECS is also known for the vital role it plays in triggering the body’s anti-inflammatory response. It is not just humans that have an ECS, catts and dogs also have it too.

Researchers have also found that CBD has a unique relationship with the ECS receptors in the body. CBD can reduce inflammation in the brain, stomach, and even the intestines. A study conducted in 2016 by the University of Kentucky found that CBD can treat arthritis in animals. The study found that CBD helps reduce the swelling and inflammation that causes pain in cats suffering from arthritis.

If your cat is suffering from arthritis and you are considering using CBD, consider talking to a vet before making any move. The vet will be able to tell you the proper CBD dosage to give your cat.

CBD for Anxiety in Pets


Cannabidiol or CBD is a famous chemical compound extracted from cannabis. CBD owes its popularity to the many health benefits that it can provide. Several studies have proven that CBD is very powerful and can provide relief for many health conditions. It is not just humans that can benefit from CBD, but pets too.

Although many pet owners are skeptical, there are many success stories of pets getting relief after they were given CBD. In order to understand how CBD can be beneficial to pets, it is crucial to know exactly how this chemical compound works. The first thing to remember is that although CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant, it will not get your pet high. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the chemical compound that gets people high. Although they are both popular; CBD and THC are very different.

CBD works with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) through receptors that are spread throughout the body. Studies have found that it is not just humans that possess ECS, dogs and other pets also have it too.

One of the primary illnesses that CBD is famous for is anxiety. Scientists have shown through studies that CBD is excellent in keeping people with anxiety calm. Pet owners understand the difficulty of calming pets who suffer from anxiety. There are some ways to know if your dog suffers from anxiety. For example, if your dog is hiding whenever thunder strikes or whenever there are loud bangs or noises such as fireworks or loud music, it may be a sign of anxiety. Some dogs with anxiety also feel very nervous around strangers or when you travel with them. Besides hiding under the bed or table; there are many symptoms of dogs with anxiety such as trembling, whimpering, pacing, panting excessively, and urinating.

If your dog exhibits any of these symptoms then it may have anxiety. CBD is one of the best options for treating anxiety in dogs. You can give your dog CBD to keep it feeling calm. Research has shown that CBD works with the ECS to bring about calmness. CBD stimulates the natural ability of the body to produce serotonin which is a mood stabilizer. CBD does this by connecting with the ECS receptors in the brain.

There are many over-the-counter medications for treating dogs with anxiety. However, most of these medications such as Ativan, Valium, Elavil, and ProZac have unpleasant side effects such as stomach upset, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, and drowsiness. On the other hand, CBD is natural and has little or no side effects.

Before giving your dog CBD, it is essential to consult a veterinarian. Getting professional advice will help you determine what dosage is best for your dogs. A vet is also in the best position to tell you what type of CBD product to give your dog.