Cannabidiol or CBD is derived from the cannabis plant. This chemical compound is known for its therapeutic effects. CBD is also beneficial for pets. It can reduce pain, relieve anxiety, improve appetite among others. Although CBD can be helpful for pets, it can be difficult to give it to your furry friends.

Many pets, especially dogs and cats do not like the taste and texture of CBD. But there is good news; many companies have started creating CBD products especially for pets. These products are made to appeal to the preferences of dogs and cats. Green Garden Gold is one of those companies creating CBD products specifically for pets. Their products include oils, capsules, and other treats that will appeal to cats and dogs of all ages and sizes.

In this article, we will focus on different ways you can give your pets CBD. These tips will come in handy for owners who have pets that refuse to take CBD.

Straight into the Mouth

Putting CBD oil straight into the mouth of your cat or dog is one of the most effective ways of making sure they take it. If you are going to go with this method, it is best to apply it directly under the tongue. Putting it directly under the tongue will ensure that the CBD oil is absorbed into the bloodstream of the animal. This method gets CBD oil enters into the bloodstream within minutes, and this means that the effects will kick in quickly. Putting CBD oil directly into the mouth is best for large pets that need large doses of CBD.

Adding CBD to Their Treats

You could also include CBD oil in the favorite treats of your pets. This method is best for pets that require smaller doses. You can add drops of CBD oil to treats that you know your pets cannot resist. A trick is to add the CBD oil underneath the treat to hide the smell of the oil which most pets don’t like.

Start With Small Dosages

When giving your pets CBD oil, it is better to start slowly. You want your pets to get used to CBD oil, so they do not reject it. You can add CBD oil to your pet meals gradually. It doesn’t matter what your pet’s favorite meal is, add a little CBD oil to it and they will enjoy the benefits. You can gradually increase the dosage of CBD oil so they get used it. You have to remember that the more CBD oil you add, the more the meal will taste different. Hence the importance of starting with smaller dosages.

Adding CBD oil to Water

Adding CBD oil to your pet’s water is another way to introduce this compound to your furry friend. However, it is crucial to know that this method is the least effective. This i because pets usually splash their water when they drink.